Its Time for the TURKEY TOUR!!!! – Day 1

17 Aug

45 Youth gathered from over 10 different countries packed on a plane to Izmir, or otherwise known as… REALIZE TURKEY!

We had a short rest upon arrival in Izmir, and then took a bus to the nearby city of Kusadasi.  When we got there, we couldn’t believe our eyes – we were standing in front of our hotel, right on the edge of the beautiful Agean Sea.  There really is nothing like Turkish hospitality.

Pretty soon, we were on our way to a large shopping center where we played Qawwalis inside.  We taught meditation in such a informal way- first we would play a few songs, and then when a large crowd was present, one of us would get up and introduce Sahaj and lead a short meditation.  We did this for a few hours, probably giving a couple hundred realizations.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and went for a midnight footsoak/swim until we were too tired to keep our eyes open.


Its All Over!!! – WYC Day 13

17 Aug

After 2 amazing weeks the congress was finally over!!!  We started the last day of the congress with a nice 7am morning meditation (that was surprisingly attended by a good number of people considering everyone stayed up till at least 4am).  We spent the beginning of the day with the friends we had made at the Congress just hanging out.  Then, in the evening the whole congress headed to Taxim (Istanbul’s center) to march for peace to the tune of 10 ridiculously amazing marching bands and an incredible drum group from Portugal.  1500 youth from ALL over the world marched/danced for two hours surrounded by thousands of locals on either side of us filming, photographing, and shouting along with us for peace.

After that we all hung out with our friends until early morning teaching them traditional Yuva games like Bang, Wuz, Korean Rock Paper Scissors, and Mafia =)  The next morning we woke up early, said our goodbyes to our new friends, and met our Turkish hosts who would take us back to the Asian side of Istanbul where we would meet the other 40 youth for the TURKEY TOUR!!!

All in all, the Congress was a massive success!  We taught meditation to over 1200 of the most active youth in the world, held 3 widely attended workshops (health, music, education), hosted 7am meditations that were attended daily by new meditators, and gave the material resources to 750 people to meditate on their own.


2012 -WORLD YOUTH CONGRESS 6 – See you there!!!!!

Qawwalis at Talent Night – WYC Day 12

17 Aug

Woke up nice and early for another morning meditation that was attended by the same regulars who had been coming for two weeks, as well as a few newbies.  For the first time, we had a mostly silent meditation, using only a couple affirmations to get into the state of meditation.  Many of the new meditators commented on how they were finding it easier and easier to get into this state of silence every day.

We took it easy in the day with lots of rest and some practice for Congress’s Talent Show which would be later in the night.  After dinner it was time to get to the stage.  We met up with around 10 Turkish friends of ours who would be performing with us.    After an hour or so of some amazing cultural acts – it was our turn.   We had 10 minutes, so we performed two Congress favorites – Ayi Diwali and Jogawa.  Unfortunately, we had only 3 mikes (and about 15 musicians) but nonetheless we sang and played our hearts out.  The reaction was great, people were dancing and clapping along, totally enjoying these classic Indian songs.  At the end we handed out the last of our seeker packets (meaning that we gave out a total of 750).  Basically the performance was awsome and a great way to end the congress.

Checking Out the Sights – WYC Day 11

16 Aug

By Monday morning all 10 of us arrived back in Istanbul from various locations around Turkey.  We were exhausted, (most of us having taken overnight buses) but glad to be back at the campus and ready to get back to work.  After a short rest in the morning it was time to see the city.  We went to the city center with all 1500 participants and spent the rest of the day checking out the sights.  We saw Aaya Sophia (the largest structure area wise in the world), the Blue Mosque, and a museum which had the staff of Moses, Mohammed’s footprint, beard, and sword.

Sent All Over Turkey – WYC Days 6-10

14 Aug

After the mad rush of workshops and exhibits, the 10 of us were divided up into different groups called “families” and were sent by bus to different cities all over Turkey for 4 days to do an action project that was intended to help Turkey in some way.  Some of the places we went to included Izmir, Bursa, and Konya, to name a few.

Each of us had incredibly different experiences and all did different work such as painting schools, planting trees, and helping out at youth camps.  We were also taken to see historical monuments and events such as the grave of Rumi, the ancient caves, and the Sufi dancers.

In the midst of all of this, some of us had the opportunity to conduct regular morning or evening meditations with our ‘families’.  This was the perfect way to end each action filled and busy day – by the end of these short days many of our group members knew how to work on themselves and others, as well as use simple meditation techniques (such as affirmations) to balance themselves during the day.

After the projects were completed, we all returned to Istanbul where we would finish out the last few days of the congress.

World Youth Congress Action Projects

8 Aug

For the next 3 days (August 6th to August 8th) we all will be sent out into different areas of Turkey with our “family” groups for “Action Projects.”

We will update you on our experiences when we regather as one group.

Thanks for Reading!

World Youth Congress Day 5

8 Aug

Today for the 7am morning meditation we had a nice mix of people who had come before and those who came for the first time. For today we began with a guided meditation while sitting on the grass. We then got into groups of three (with one experienced meditator and two newer meditators) and shared how we can used vibrations to balance the chakras (subtle energy centers) of ourselves and others. Everyone was able to feel how the use of our inner energy can bring us into balance and thereby a deeper state of mental silence.

Today at 10AM we conducted a workshop about music and how it can help us to meditate. For the workshop there were 50-60 participants. The workshop focused on the tradition of Indian Music. Songs and ragas were used to demonstrate how we can go deeper into meditation with music and how music can clear our chakras (subtle energy centers). The workshop attendees enjoyed the music and went on asking for encore after encore. One young woman come after the workshop and said, “I cannot believe how well it worked. I was really surprised because in the past few days I have been very busy and having a lot of stressful thoughts, but now I feel so calm inside.”

Today was the last day for the booth at the exhibition. Yet still from 10am until 7:30 there were people consistently stopping by to get their self-realization. It was so lovely to see people from so many countries enjoying the experience of Sahaja Meditation. Everyone easily felt their own inner energy as it awakened and brought them into a state of peace.

In the evening at 1800 the workshop about Music and Meditation was conducted. All who attended enjoyed thoroughly.

(Photos will be posted shortly)