Best Day EVER!!! – Realize Turkey Day 8 +9/10

26 Aug

Early in the morning, we drove to Cisik, a small beach town, to spend our last day in Izmir having the time of our lives.  We swam, went on jet skiis, banana boats, ate ice cream, made sand castles, and just enjoyed the beauty of Turkey.  After this, we went to the main area of the city right by the Sea to give our last and final concert.

For the first couple of hours it was really tough, as we were all exhausted from the past week, but we still tried to make it work.  Eventually, we took a short break while the dancers went on stage so that we could meditate and re-energize ourselves.  After that, things started to flow – we sang Ai Giri Nandini which totally pumped us up and filled us with enthusiasm and energy.  After that we were good to go for hours and gave realization to hundreds of more people.  Later that night, the wind picked up and accidently knocked over the speakers.  The audio crew decided it was late and packed up, but we weren’t ready to go just yet.  We brought out all of our drums, and started playing even harder – we didn’t even need mikes any more.  Pretty soon we were surrounded by over a 100 people as we sang and danced to Jai Ganesh, Shri Jagadambe Aayi Re, Chalat Musafir, and Bolo Adi Shakti.  Finally, after a

ridiculously amazing night, we packed up and went to get a well deserved ice cream.

And that was it, just as soon as it started it was over!  5000 realizations later, and we were off on a plane back to Istanbul where we relaxed for the next day or so.  Over the next few days, we all departed back to our homes, making plans for the next Tour  – REALIZE LEBANON!!!!!!


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