Best Day EVER!!! – Realize Turkey Day 8 +9/10

26 Aug

Early in the morning, we drove to Cisik, a small beach town, to spend our last day in Izmir having the time of our lives.  We swam, went on jet skiis, banana boats, ate ice cream, made sand castles, and just enjoyed the beauty of Turkey.  After this, we went to the main area of the city right by the Sea to give our last and final concert.

For the first couple of hours it was really tough, as we were all exhausted from the past week, but we still tried to make it work.  Eventually, we took a short break while the dancers went on stage so that we could meditate and re-energize ourselves.  After that, things started to flow – we sang Ai Giri Nandini which totally pumped us up and filled us with enthusiasm and energy.  After that we were good to go for hours and gave realization to hundreds of more people.  Later that night, the wind picked up and accidently knocked over the speakers.  The audio crew decided it was late and packed up, but we weren’t ready to go just yet.  We brought out all of our drums, and started playing even harder – we didn’t even need mikes any more.  Pretty soon we were surrounded by over a 100 people as we sang and danced to Jai Ganesh, Shri Jagadambe Aayi Re, Chalat Musafir, and Bolo Adi Shakti.  Finally, after a

ridiculously amazing night, we packed up and went to get a well deserved ice cream.

And that was it, just as soon as it started it was over!  5000 realizations later, and we were off on a plane back to Istanbul where we relaxed for the next day or so.  Over the next few days, we all departed back to our homes, making plans for the next Tour  – REALIZE LEBANON!!!!!!


Concert for the Minister – Realize Turkey Day 7

26 Aug

We woke up early in the morning and headed for a nearby hotel where we would have a concert for the Minister of Izmir as a thank you for hosting and sponsoring us.  He along with a good number of people came to enjoy the show.  He stayed for a few songs and his realization before he had to continue on with his work.  We gave him a huge thank you  and some flowers for taking care of our lodging, transportation, food, and almost everything else you could imagine.

After the concert, we went to a nearby street where we had a small stage set up for us.  Within minutes, we were playing qawwali after qawwali.  We were sang and danced well into the night, only stopping after midnight because the audio crew had to leave.  Even after they left we continued on with our Tour song Hallah Hallah, and eventually progressed onto messing around with the Bollywood faves.  We got back to the hotel at around 1am after giving realization to over 500 people.

On the Road – Realize Turkey Day 6

26 Aug

It was finally time to leave Kusadasi; after an AMAZING few days we packed the bus, and left for Izmir taking a few sight-seeing detours along the way.  We arrived in the hotel late at night, ate a good meal, and went to bed as soon as possible to prepare for the next few days of programs.

Another 400 – Realize Turkey Day 5

26 Aug

Spent our last day in Kusdasi hanging out at the beach and catching up on much needed sleep.  At night we drove a couple hours outside the city for another night of realization.  We set up in the city square, went for a quick dinner of Pide and Ayran, and headed back to prepare for another great night.

We played for a few hours, sticking to our favorites; Jogawa, Ayi Diwali, Amhi Bhi Ghadalo, Isiliye, Mahamaya, and a few others.  While we were playing, half the group would walk around, meet the local Turkish and give them their realization.  We would regularly take a break after a couple songs or dances, where one of us would stand up and give the whole crowd their realization.  We packed up close to midnight after giving about 400 realizations.

Taking It To The Streets – Turkey Tour Day 4

20 Aug

After a chill day of swimming, jet skiing, and fun, we jumped on the bus for a little bit of sight-seeing.  We hiked up a mountain to see a temple of Athena and an ancient outdoor auditorium. A few hours later, night had arrived, the city was pumping, and we were finally ready for our first day of street-realization.  We set up a make-shift stage on a crowded boardwalk, put up our stands, and started playing qawwalis.  While the musicians set the tone, the others went around the street flyering and teaching a simple meditation.  It was a great location, and we met tons of people, not only from Turkey, but from Germany, America, England etc.  We finished around midnight, grabbed a quick kebap, and headed back to our hotel for another late night swim.  That night we probably taught around 600 people how to meditate.

Concert by the Sea – Turkey Tour Day 3

17 Aug

We started the morning again by a swim in the Agean followed by a meditation workshop in the hotel.  In the evening we went to the middle of the city where a stage right on the Seaside was being set up for us.  We flyered for a couple hours, ate dinner and met the Mayor of Kusadasi, and then headed back to the stage for soundcheck.

We played, danced, and meditated for 3 hours to a constant ebb and flow of people.  We were in the perfect location, a boardwalk that had tons of foot traffic, so we were able to meet tons of people.  At the end of the night, we were exhausted, but thrilled as we taught meditation to hundreds of people.

Bhajans at Mother Mary’s House – Turkey Tour Day 2

17 Aug

The day started off brilliantly with an 8am footsoak/swim in the Agean followed by a great Turkish breakfast at the hotel.  Soon, we were all on the bus on the way to the Virgin Mary’s house in Kusadasi.  The place was packed as it was also Mother Mary’s Resurrection Day – but soon enough we were walking up a pair of steps into a simple stone house where Mother Mary used to live.  After spending some time in there we all walked outside onto the sermon area where we were told we would perform some songs in honor of Mother Mary.  They hooked us up to mikes, and pretty soon we were singing Namo Namo Maria, a Qawwali, and Binati Suniye for all of the people who had come to visit this place.

For lunch, we went to a small town of the 7 sleeping saints.  We ate in a traditional outdoor restaurant with pillows for chairs and relaxed with great food.  A little while later, the instruments were brought out and we gave a spontaneous concert for all the people at the restaurant.  After a great Bhajan session, we walked up the mountain to the dwelling of the 7 saints who were said to have slept for 200 years to avoid persecution.

Later that day we were driven to a football field in the middle of the town where a stage was being set up for us.  Some of us went out flyering and did our best to communicate with a few sentences in Turkish that we had memorized.  At 9pm people started to walk into the stands, and our concert began.  We played for a total of 4 hours, alternating between Qawwalis, Bhajans, Dances, and Guided Meditations.  At about midnight we wrapped up after having finished a great concert for around 150 people and went out for some Turkish food.